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Salt + Steam

Salt + Steam - Facial Steams

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Facial steams are cleansing skincare products, and they're very much a does-what-it-says-on-the-tin kind of thing! A facial steam is just that - steam for your face. Added to a bowl of hot water, the idea is to position your face above the flow of steam with a lightweight towel over your head, creating a 'steam tent'.

Our all-natural facial steams are blended using Dead Sea salt, pink Himalayan Rock salt, essential oils and botanicals. Our unique formulas are developed to help with a range of skincare woes and are a great step to add in to your skincare regime! We recommend steaming no more than twice a week.

Not Today Satan - Eucalyptus & Rosemary

Spruce Willis - Juniper, Cypress & Frankincense

Rough Night - Peppermint, Lemon & Tea Tree
Flower Child - Rose, Orange & Flower Petal

Directions for Use

You’ll need - A heat-proof bowl · A light towel · Freshly-boiled water · One of our fabulous steams!

Step 1 - Add two tablespoons of your steam to your bowl and pour hot water over until the bowl is ⅓ full. Set your bowl on a low table, somewhere you can lean over it.

Step 2 - Cover your head with your towel to create a ‘steam tent’ and sit with your face 30cm above the water.

Step 3 - Breathe deeply and relax! We recommend steaming for 10 mins before cleansing your face and applying your favourite serum or moisturiser.

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